(c) william patrick butler

    (reblogging OK, please leave credits intact)

    so, like i promised last post here is my favorite image from the "Back Porch & Lollipops" GodsGirls set i shot that never saw the light of day.

    from the lighting, to the little kiss Peach is giving Ari on the cheek, to how the light from the setting sun looks behind them.  i just really love this shot.

    anyway, i hope everyone is having a not too annoying April Fool’s Day :)

    (the tumblr theme i’ve chosen lets me upload and display really large photos and i enjoy how they look without my copyright watermark on them. so, you’re more than free to cut out all my ramblings when you reblog but, y’know, try to obey Wheaton’s Law and leave the credits intact)

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